Wilma Delaney – the most powerful woman at Pacific Automation

Wilma Delaney is our Finance Manager, and therefore the most powerful woman in PA. Let’s get to know her a little better.

Wilma in three words:

Gotta have fun. (love it!)

How long have you been working with PA?

Since October 1978, fresh from the country, with a seven-year break when I had my children, returning in 1994. Ken (company founder) was getting ready to retire and  Darren heard I was working part-time and approached me to return to work for (then) Light and Power Systems.

How has your role changed in that time?

Initially, I was employed to work in reception and each time the business reached a new milestone, my role changed to accommodate the changes in business structure.

Ken and Darren have always kept abreast with the latest technology and embraced it in keeping the company up with the demands required to move it forward.

This has meant I have always had training and learned to accept change as a challenge and embraced it.

How has the company changed in that time?

The company has gone from strength to strength, taking on new agencies, committing to servicing them in every way they can. When I started there was five staff and now there are 23. Both Ken and Darren have had the foresight to see what the company needed to ensure the decisions made to move the company forward had the resources and staff to accommodate the changes.

What are some of your fondest/funniest memories?

I admire that the one fundamental rule which has not changed – the staff’s well-being comes before all else.

I seem to have obtained the nickname “The Queen” – I am still trying to work out if it is because I have been here so long and I know more about the company than everyone else or because I pay their wages. Hmmmm.