CASE STUDY: Pacific Automation provides a smart, cost-effective solution for North Metropolitan TAFE

Pacific Automation teamed up with manufacturing partner Weidmuller to lend its support to North Metropolitan TAFE in Western Australia.

The issue

North Metropolitan TAFE’s Fluid Power Training Facility in Midland, Western Australia, uses programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in its training. During the training, students often blow the fuses used to protect the PLC circuits – costing time and money.


The TAFE approached Pacific Automation about upgrading the training equipment.

We initially considered Weidmuller’s maxGUARD series of electronic circuit breakers as it quickly arrests short circuits and overloads and can be reset by the push of a button when tripped.

However, the remote alarm/reset function attracted more interest as it meant the lecturer would be able to identify which student was incorrectly wiring and testing the gear.

This feature also enables the lecturer to remotely reset any tripped electronic fuses.


Weidmuller Australia donated eight maxGUARD sets to North Metropolitan TAFE. No more blown fuses. One happy lecturer.

Pacific Automation’s Richard De Jong said, “This is a great example of collaborating with our manufacturing partner to provide the best product and the right solution for the job.”

Pictured: Mike Laing, Weidmuller Australia, with Neville King, Lecturer, Fluid Power / Mechanical Fitting, North Metropolitan TAFE, Midland, WA.